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Work Personality Profile
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Neath, J. & Bolton, B. (2008)

Austin, TX: PRO-ED.

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Work Personality Profile
generates information that assists a student
to find a job that matches his/her interests and strengths. Two forms
are included, one for the student and one for a professional, and includes
items about job-related behavior. It is appropriate for all learners
but is used most often with students with significant disabilities.

  1. jeniferrandlesbcglobal-net jeniferrandlesbcglobal-net says:

    Work Personality Profile


    It was difficult to find this test on the Proedinc website given and after trying a google search, found out that it is on the Proedinc website, under professional resources for occupational and physical therapists.

    The sample form provided is a self-reporting form of behaviors needed in the work place and then a 4 point rating scale. There is also a Professional form for teachers, vocational specialist, etc to complete. Once both forms are completed, they are scored by the WPP Computer Report.

    I think this assessment looks promising, but because I've only seen the self-reporting form, I wouldn't purchase it without knowing more. I would also like to know if there are other formats that this assessment can be given (i.e. orally administered).

  2. Cannot find this anywhere on the Pro-Ed website. Is there another resource for this assessment?


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