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Response Prompting for Employment

LERN how to use response prompting in employment settings to effectively support employees with disabilities learn their job.
This LERN starts on February 26, 2017

Coach Valerie Mazzotti - College/University Faculty/Instructor
I teach special education at the Univ. of Oregon and provide TA on secondary transition topics for NTACT. I help classroom teachers implement transition evidence-based practices, and I taught young adults with high incidence disabilities in schools and adult programs. I love to garden and cook in my spare time.

Coach Dawn Rowe - College/University Faculty/Instructor
I am a secondary transition researcher and TA provider for NTACT at the Univ. of Oregon. Response prompting has helped me teach employment, academic and community living skills to high school students as well as adults with developmental disabilities. I like to go camping with my family and travel across Oregon viewing the great landscape!

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