Products and Materials

This collection of products and materials has proven to be valuable for practitioners as well as parents and others working with students on transition. Click on items of interest for a detailed explanation and access to download the resources!




Independent Living Checklist
The Independent Living Checklist can help identify independent living goals.
Opening Doors

Opening Doors to Post-secondary Education and Training: Planning for Life After High School
This guide will help to identify students' strengths and preferences as well as the supports and resources needed to be successful at the post-secondary level.
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Brief:

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Brief: Tips for Transition
Use this brief discussion of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 to learn about the law and it's impact on transition planning.
E-JAM Brochure

EJAM was designed to assist in determining an employment placement and the support and accommodations that might be needed for adolescents with ED and those with high-risk behaviors
Parent Transition Survey

The NEW Parent Transition Survey
This survey will assist in identifying parents and family members' preferences and thoughts for their children's lives after high school.
Age of Majority Brochure

Age of Majority Brochure
This helpful brochure was created to assist families in understanding upcoming changes in their child's legal status and prepare accordingly through transition planning.

Transition Planning Brochure
Customize and use these transition brochures-also in SPANISH!
Planning for the Future Workbook

Planning for the Future
This workbook takes a person-centered approach to help students, their families, and professionals plan a life for students after high school.
People Make it Happen Brochure

People Make It Happen
This booklet includes information about the various roles in transition. Descriptions of several specific roles as well as suggestions for how different members of transition teams may participate in the transition process are provided.
Tips For Transition

Tips for Transition
The Tips for Transition contains 134 Transition Tips submitted from all over the country by practitioners.
Special Ed Connection

Special Ed Connection
Use Special Ed Connection (LRP publications) to keep on top of the latest practices from across the country. This is especially suited for Special Education teachers.
Transition Fair Toolkit

NSTTAC Transition Fair Toolkit
Use the NSTTAC Transition Fair workbook to plan your next event. MORE...