Brigance Transition Skills Inventory (TSI)

Brigance, A.H. (2010) (2010)

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North Billerica, MA: Curriculum Associates, Inc.


The  BRIGANCE® Transition Skills Inventory (TSI), combines some of  the features of the BRIGANCE® Life Skills Inventory (LSI) and the BRIGANCE® Employability Skills Inventory (ESI), with additional content to best address transition planning needs. The TSI includes hundreds of in-depth assessments of job-oriented, academic, and functional life skills in the context of employment, post-secondary education, and real-world situations and community participation skills to help students transition to post-school activities. TSI assessments cover a broad range of skills including:


  • Pre-employment/functional writing
  • Career awareness
  • Job-seeking
  • Post-secondary opportunities
  • Functional reading
  • Speaking and listening
  • Math
  • Money and finance
  • Technology
  • Housing
  • Food and clothing
  • Health
  • Travel and transportation
  • Community resources

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I ordered this transition planning assessment and have been using it to assess some of my students. I really like all the skills that are assessed in this inventory but I have not figured out how to administer it to numerous students in a timely manner. The test covers a wide range of topics including functional reading and writing, money and finance, clothing, food, travel etc. I like all of the wide range of topics tested. The test also includes extra activities for higher level students.

2014-08-21 19:32:22
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I have not used this but watched the demo on line. It looks like a good assessment to include in the evaluation process. This would not be one that I would make as part of the curriculum, but make it a more formal assessment. I think it would be of value to purchase and use. 

Julia Schmitz
2013-12-02 16:34:33
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This is a formal assessment.  I would use this assessment because it covers such a wide range of topics, giving a more complete view of the student as a whole and thier abilities not just academic ones but the other as well. 

Kristen Hirth
2014-03-11 23:29:58
Rated this assessment:

I would use this assessment as more of a formal assessment.  It incorporates a lot of information and involves staying strictly to the questions included.  It is set up as right or wrong as far as answers.  It provides feedback as far as what they answer, but not necessarily how they processed and retrieved the answer.

Jess Wehrli
2014-03-11 23:31:26
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The Brigance Assessment is an excellent formal assessment that covers a variety of transitional skills.  I really like how it is organized categorically based on what the student needs.  It is also color-coordinated to cover academic, post-secondary, independent living, and community participation skills.  Along with the assessment, the Brigance model also comes with activities for each of the categories in order to help the case manager work with their student in each area of transition need.

Micah Louis
2014-03-11 23:33:53
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I really like the thoroughness and the organization of the Brigance Transition Skills Inventory (T.S.I.).  I like how the assessment addresses a topics such as functional reading and writing, money and finance, clothing, food and travel.  I also like how it has an added level of organization that addresses the skills needed for academic, post-secondary, independent living, and community participation.  I like that the assessment can be individualized for higher level students and that it provides activities in each category that specifically addresses a transition need that is needed by the students. 

Rachel Marlow
2014-03-12 00:36:05