The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA)

Casey, J. (2000)

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Seattle, WA: Casey Family Programs.


The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment helps educators determine students independent living skills. Assessments are completed by the student and his/her caregivers. This assessment is culturally sensitive and is appropriate for all students regardless of their living circumstances. Life skill areas addressed include: career planning, communication, daily living, home life, housing and money management, self care, social relationships, work life, and work and study skills. FREE.

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The ACLSA is a great tool to use with students to determine their "levels" in the areas that are assessed.  A printout of the student's scores can be printed to place into a file or can be e-mailed to people you indicate in the beginning form.  Many topics are explored in the assessments and teachers can find areas that they may use as teaching experiences with their students.  The only drawback is that teh student will have to be able to read well in order to answer the questions or the assessment may have to be read to them.

Lora Wattelet
2009-11-10 19:43:22
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The ACLSA assessment seems like a very good tool to use especially with the students who may belower functionong to determine what they have knowledge in especially in critical and emergency type of scenarios.  I like how it is fairly brief, short questions but yet can provide a goog foundation of information.  I think for the level of kids I woudl use it on it may have to be teacher read but yet the reponsese are short enough the kids could navigate the mouse to complete the answers on their own. 

Seeing quick results is a defintie advantage as well as being able to print out for documentation purposes.

Jami Drury
2009-11-12 19:04:48
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This assessment is found in four different levels. Level one presents very basic questions. For each subsequent level, the questions become more elaborate and go more in depth.

This test gives a great insight of the student and can be used with students in a wide range of ages, from a younger or lower level group to a higher functioning high school group of students.


Dree Grimm
2014-04-21 18:33:24
Rated this assessment:

The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment provides information from the viewpoint of the child and adults in the child's life.  It gives a clear idea of what the child has mastered and what areas they could use assistance with.  I understand that there is a user's guide available to help provide additional information about the test results.  I was not able to see it on the website.  Some of the positive features:  3-point Leikert scale to streamline the answering process, free, short, but provides information from a variety of areas of assessment, and allows for a easy to understand results sheet to include in the child's transition file to allow for a quality portfolio.

Cindy Snow
2009-11-14 19:14:57
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The ACLSA assessment is a great tool for evaluating students' life skills. It considers nine domains within adult life and is appropriate for students having various disabilities. Another plus is that it is available online and the results may be printed. The only drawback I see is if the students are taking this assessment independently, it may be necessary to ensure they both understand the statements and answer honestly. For example, "I can explain the difference between assertive and agressive behavior". The student may not know the meanings of the terms assertive and agressive; and may not ask for assistance. The results can yield valuable information for transition planning. Because of the ACLSA's comprehensive design, appropropriateness for most students, online availability with print out, and free cost it earns a four-star rating.

Lori Godfrey
2009-11-15 04:21:41
Rated this assessment:

I love the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA). Using the technology is good for students. There is a wealth of information given with this assessment. Career Planning, Communication, Money Management and self -care to name a few. When I first went to explore this site I found myself still engaged 3 hours later!. There is so much here. I like that results can be printed out to be placed in a students Transition Portfolio. Teachers that I have asked all have agreed that this is a tremendous site with a multitude of resources available. I wish I could give it 6 stars.

Brenda Higley
2009-11-15 21:13:19
Rated this assessment:

I love the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment!  Our students enjoy taking it on line, but I like the option of printing it for those who do better with paper and pencil.  We have particularly liked having an assessment to use with students who are pregnant, have small children or who are facing homeless situations.  It has helped us determine areas that need instruction and we are provided with information to determine strategies and activities in helping students reach their post-secondary goals.  We use the lessons provided, My teachers who have taken the time to try this site have found it invaluable.

Ramona Calliison
2009-11-16 02:48:00
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The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) is a very useful tool for all transition team members to use.  It can be used in a variety of settings, home, school and community.  The assessment itself provides a great deal of information and action plans to support a student's progress towards independence.  The on line format gives the student a sense of privacy and independence in completing the survey.  A student's self-determination is also enhanced as they determine goal priorities based on their assessment results.  The assessment is also very comprehensive, covering all areas of independent living.  It can be administered individually or in a group setting using a library or computer lab setup.  The students also enjoy analyzing their results and noting their progress toward independence.  This is a very valuable tool and it's free.

Debra DeMulder
2010-01-28 09:36:46
Rated this assessment:

Although I have not used this assessment to date, I would consider using this with some of our adult individuals who are easily intimidated by "tests".  This is so user friendly with simple enough language and format to enable most individuals to complete this on their own.  I like the short version which I can use as part of our Job Club program to initiate conversation and self-evaluation within the group. 

Terry Collins
2010-01-28 19:27:48
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I have used the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment with three students with autism. This assessment is relevant for students who have goals for independent living in their transition plan.  Some of the information was clearly incomprehensible for two of the students when they did the level 4 assessment (financial information, sexual safety), so we did the other levels that are intended for younger students and found them to be informative and useful.  The graphs provided a quick insight into domain areas of strength and challenge, and reviewing the individual responses was useful for deriving goals and objectives.

Barbara Saunders
2010-01-28 21:53:54
Rated this assessment:

I have never used this assessment on a student, but after reviewing the user friendly website I will be using this site regularly with my life skills students. This doesn't cost you anything, the assessments are user friendly for students, easy to read data, and will help guide you in developing goals. There are two assessments one for the student and one for the caregiver. The site also focuses on specifics such as pregnancy for male and female youths which I haven't seen before. I'm so pleased to find such a useful site.

Keith Bouchard
2010-01-31 17:04:43
Rated this assessment:

I just completed an ACLSA for one of my students and I found it to be quick, easy, and accessible.  I like that it is not time-consuming yet yields some useful information for transition planning. The final report is user-friendly for all IEP team members with its graphed summary and the included assessment questions help prioritize instruction.  The learning goals found in the Learning Plan section are also very helpful.  The online access engages students with assessment in a way that the traditional formats don't.  I am looking forward to completing this assessment with some of my students to see if they will find it as user-friendly as I do.

Kathy Thielen
2010-01-31 19:48:48
Rated this assessment:

I believe this assessment would be useful for some of the students we provide services for. Asking about homelessness, pregnancy,  housing and money management, self care, and social relationships are high priority issues. Being on-line may be attractive for many students who do not like writing.

roberta shutts
2010-02-01 02:40:06
Rated this assessment:

This assessment appears to be a good measure of a student's overall basic transition skills.  I've not used it personally, but have talked with teachers that have, and they gave it a high rating, also.  This was the first time I've looked at the Casey Life Skills Assessment and my first impression was that I liked the way it was laid out, with simple questions and a format that was not complicated.  It is also good because it can be completed by the student, parents, and teachers.  I think the students would like being able to complete the assessment on-line.  It appears that you could get useful baseline data about a student's strengths and needs which would be helpful in developing an IEP.  Ideas for goals are also given along with direction for a learning plan.  I will definitely consider using this assessment .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Diane Records
2011-05-25 20:02:09
Rated this assessment:

It is very helpful that there are supplemental portions of this test to help guide the users to the appropriate tests for the individuals that are being assessed. It is also nice that there are multiple raters involved in the process to get a clearer picture of the needs.

Annette Lutes
2011-05-26 03:14:24