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NTACT-LOGO-web-color-XSMAsk the Expert events provide opportunities to see an expert present PLUS respond to comments and questions about the topic after the live event.


How to  participate?

There are 2 parts:

  • Watch the live presentation OR the recording (available after the live event)
  • Discuss the topic online with the presenter and others for 2 weeks after each event





Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & Beyond: Social Media for Peer2Peer Engagement

How are teenagers and young adults connecting and supporting one another during the COVID 19 crisis in our country? This session presented by youth engagement and leadership professionals will explore effective practices and resources that can promote and enhance communication and engagement of students with disabilities. Sponsored by NTACT.  Live captioning provided. 

LIVE EVENT:  April 21, 2020  12-1 ET  Recording available!

Strategies & Resources for Students with Complex Support Needs in Distance Learning Environments

Providing educational and employment in virtual and distance learning environments for students with complex support needs is extremely challenging. NTACT and partner organizations provide guidance, examples and assistance for transition-focused instruction and other activities for students with complex support needs.

Put your slippers on and join us!  Live captioning provided.


Employment Preparation & WBL Experiences in a Virtual World

Michael Stoehr (NTACT) and Brenda Simmons (WINTAC)  will provide guidance, ideas, and resources for engaging students in meaningful employment preparation activities during school and community closures. This webinar is for service providers, educators, family members, and students.

Grab a snack and watch this webinar, participate in the discussion and get resources! Co-sponsored by NTACT, WINTAC, Y-TAC, and the Transition Coalition. Live captioning provided.


Transition Activities Online At Home

NTACT staff and others will share tips and resources to support the continued learning and skill development of students, while school and community access are severely restricted.  Grab your coffee and watch this webinar, participate in the discussion and get resources! Also stay tuned to .



How do you know Students are College and Career Ready?

Sponsored by NTACT, join us as Drs. Lombardi, Mazzotti, and Morningstar describe the development of a new measure, College and Career Readiness for Transition (CCR4T). They will present the CCR4T framework and offer several opportunities for local, district and state-level professionals to provide input and feedback. Practitioners can also learn about participating in a national field-test of the CCR4T for students with and without disabilities in high schools.


LIVE EVENT:  February 20, 2020  Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  February 20-March 5, 2020

Transition Considerations for Youth with Complex Support Needs

Sponsored by  NTACT, Michael Stoehr, Linda O’Neal, and Charlie Walters will discuss information regarding effective practice strategies and supports for youth with Complex Support Needs as they transition to successful post-secondary outcomes of education/training, employment, and community engagement.


LIVE EVENT:  September 12, 2019 Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  September 12-September 26, 2019  

CIRCLES: Interagency Collaboration

Sponsored by NTACT, Nellie Aspel, NC, Jennifer Williams, Fran Ennis, and Crissie Parks, AR will provide information about implementation of CIRCLES (Communicating Interagency Relationships and Collaborative Linkages for Exceptional Students) in their own region/school district. You will learn about the program, how to get started, as well as sustainability.

LIVE EVENT:  February 21, 2019 Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  February 21-March 7, 2019


I’m Determined

Sponsored by NTACT, Amanda Randall and John McNaught, state coordinators of the Virginia Department of Education’s I’m Determined Project will share resources, strategies and stories on implementing I’m Determined in your school. Learn how to incorporate youth, educator and parent perspectives in the self-determination process in order replicate outreach activities and classroom strategies. All resources are free and available for download at

LIVE EVENT:  October 5, 2017    Recording Available
ONLINE DISCUSSION:  Q&A with John and Amanda

Prepping for College: WHAT & HOW

Sponsored by NTACT Cate Weir (Think College), Sloan Huckabee (Transitions RTC) and Allison Lombardi (UConn) share information, strategies and resources to  help young adults with disabilities prepare for college. Learn about special preparation for students with learning disabilities, mental health disabilities and those with intellectual disabilities.


LIVE EVENT:  February 23, 2017  2pm Central Time
Discuss with Cate, Sloan & Allison!

Transition Tips to Start Your Year Off RIGHT!

Sponsored by NTACT Dr. Mary Morningstar and Sarah Roberts share strategies about what you can do to start your year off right. Learn about the most important domains for transition, and how to prioritize your time and energies! Get ideas, new resources, advice and strategies. For ALL transition stakeholders.


LIVE EVENT:  October 6, 2016  Recording Available
Discuss with Mary & Sarah!

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