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About Us

Since 2000, the Transition Coalition, located at the University of Kansas, Beach Center on Disability, has been maximizing professional development opportunities for secondary transition and college and career readiness of youth with disabilities.

Our Premise 

To make a difference, professional development requires more than one-shot in-service training.

Our Focus

  • Deliver professional development that leads to changes in practice
  • Support teams and individuals at the state and local levels
  • Translate research and effective practices for practitioner implementation

Our Methods

  • Use self-assessment methods including professional knowledge
  • Strategically combine web-based, in-person, in-print, coaching and other assistance
  • Find and share research-based practices and resources
  • Develop and support practitioner-to-practitioner learning methods

Our Partners

Our Staff 

Dr. Mary Morningstar, Director

Dana Lattin, Research Project Director

Angela Murray, Assistant Research Professor

Allison Unruh, Self Study Director

Deborah Flores, Research Project Specialist

Sarah Carlson, Graduate Research Assistant

Location and Contact Information

Transition Coalition
University of Kansas
Beach Center on Disability
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
1122 W. Campus Rd. Rm 521
Lawrence, KS 66045-3101

Phone: 785-864-0686

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