About Us

Since 2000, the Transition Coalition has been maximizing professional development opportunities for secondary transition and college and career readiness of youth with disabilities.

Our Premise 

To make a difference, professional development requires more than one-shot in-service training.

Our Focus

  • Deliver professional development that leads to changes in practice
  • Support teams and individuals at the state and local levels
  • Translate research and effective practices for practitioner implementation

Our Methods

  • Use self-assessment methods including professional knowledge
  • Strategically combine web-based, in-person, in-print, coaching and other assistance
  • Find and share research-based practices and resources
  • Develop and support practitioner-to-practitioner learning methods

Our Partners

Our Staff 

Dr. Mary Morningstar, Co-Director

Dana Lattin, Co-Director

Deborah Flores, Research Project Specialist

Brad Stauffer, Communications Specialist

Location and Contact Information

Transition Coalition
University of Kansas & Portland State University

785-864-1177 (University of Kansas)

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