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Arc Self-Determination Scale
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Wehmeyer, M.L., & Kelchner, L. (1995)

Arlington, TX: The Arc of the United States.

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Arc Self-Determination Scale
is typically used by students with
learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities. In this assessment,
students rate themselves on 72 items across four characteristics of
self-determination: autonomy, self-regulation, self-realization, and
psychological empowerment. An overall score is determined as well as
scores in each of the four categories. FREE.

  1. dgrimmmvr3-k12-mo-us says:

    This test is not limited to but better directed to a student or a group of students with a lower cognitive ability.

    Section one provides an overview of the students abilities, limitations, interest, and level of independence.

    Section two, is very interesting. In this section, the student is provided with the beginning of an everyday life situation (problem). The section also provides what should be the ending or the outcome of the situation. It is the student’s job to come up with the middle part of the story, which requires problem solving skills in social situations.

    Section three, provides the student with the opportunity to reflect on their own psychological empowerment.

    The last section, four, provides the student with questions on self-realization.

    With the exception of the problem solving questions, all others only require agree/don’t agree boxes.

    At the end of the test, there is a good, easy overview scoring guide for each section.


  2. lisa_warnerisdschools-org says:

    The Arc appears to give good information about a students strengths and needs in the area of self-determination.  I like that the scale provides rating scale questions, as well as, written questions.  The written questions were unique in that they provided scenarios for the student to respond to how they would handle given situations.  This would provide an insight to a students self-determination skills from another angle.  I wish The Arc provided an expanded user guide for interpretation of the results and suggestions for how to use the information obtained to help students progress in their self-determination skills.  I plan to add The Arc to the assessment choices at my school.


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