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CIPSI: Career Interests, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory
Clark, Gary M., Synatsch, Katherine O., Patton, James R., Steel, Lawrence E. ( 2012)
Austin, TX: PRO-ED

The career interests, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory (CIPSI) is an excellent informal career exploration tool for students from ages 11 to 22. Through the CIPSI, students identify their personal interests, strengths, general preferences, and favored careers. Those choices are then aligned with the U.S. Department of Education 16 career Clusters.

  1. mlouismnu-edu says:

    The Career Interests, Preferences, and Strenghts Inventory (CIPSI) informally assesses students from 5th grade to high school.  I like that it comprehensively aligns to the U.S. Department of Education's 16 career clusters.  The students are able to explore their preferences as they collect data of their interests and strenghts.  The surveys are conducted at a low reading level.  The manula helps teachers and counselors to understand how to facilitate student exploration of careers.  The inventory provideds students with reports that help them to understand how their interests are linked to future career choices.

  2. leahmggmail-com says:

    I like that this informal assessment is developed to include students from 5th grade through age 22. It's a short, easily completed survey that also aligns with the U.S. Department of Education's 16 career clusters.  It's helpful that it is available to complete on the computer and on paper. 

  3. ramarlowmnu-edu says:

    The CIPSI assessment tool helps identify student’s interests, strengths, general preferences and favored careers.  This informal assessment aligns to the 16 career clusters identified by the U.S. Department of Education.  It is a short assessment that can be administered through written or computerized format.  From the results, it allows and provides high school students with information that can aid in the development of a career choice action plan.  This would be an excellent tool when addressing the transitional needs for students.

  4. jwehrli-wehrligmail-com says:

    In my opinion, this is an informal assessment.  It helps identify students interests, strengths, general preferences and favored careers.  It is a very simple assessment that gives a lot of important information.

  5. khirthmnu-edu says:

    In my opinion this is an informal assessment.  It would be a great tool to be used to identify student strengths and abilities.


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