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Berry, L.M., Foss, T.V., Korsten, J.E. ( 2007)
Lees Summit, MO: EMC Inc.

“Every Move Counts Clicks and Chats” is a sensory based approach to communication (SCS) and intervention planning process. Use it to build communication with individuals who have significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences, and/or autism. Because communication can be quite difficult, consistently recognizing and reinforcing communication can lend validity to the efforts of those who are trying to connect. This assessment teaches how to systematically try various sensory based stimuli to gauge individuals’ reactions as potential starting points for communication. Break through  the barriers of those who cannot communicate spontaneously and  give their “voice” a chance.

Counts- Development of an functional communication system
Clicks- Integration of purposeful switch-use strategies
Chats- Matching interests and abilities to assistive technology options

Useful and Thorough

Finally, it is compelling that ninety-one children and 41 speech/language pathologists, teachers and occupational therapists helped develop this assessment. Get a glimpse in this quick overview.

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