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Independent Living and Community Participation
Synatschk, K.O., Clark, G.M., Patton, J.R. ( 2007)
Austin, TX: PRO-Ed.

The Independent Living and Community Participation helps determine students’ transition needs in independent living and community participation and is intended for school and community personnel.

Transition Planning

Find and use over 60 informal assessments that address:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-advocacy & self-determination
  • Daily living skills
  • Health
  • Community participation
  • Leisure
  • Transportation

Designed to be practical, reproducible, and easy-to-use these targeted assessments are useful for parents, teachers, and students.

  1. khirthmnu-edu says:

    This is an informal assessment.  I would use this in my classroom because not not just using it as an assessment tool but for the baility to use this  while working in the classroom to increase student knowledge, and know what I needed to work on with each student for them to have the best ability to do well in the future.

  2. jwehrli-wehrligmail-com says:

    This is a great informal assessment.  It provides great data to help write effective transition goals. It helps benefit both the student and the parent.  It is a great support tool to help find the right goals for students post secondary. 

  3. mlouismnu-edu says:

    These assessments cover a variety of successful transitional skills to include communication, intrapersonal skills, self-determination, and daily living among others.  Case managers and educators alike can collect data in order to assess students abilities to manage self-efficacious living.  I like how progress monitoring is included in these assessments in order to keep the process of transition on-going as opposed to a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  4. mlouismnu-edu says:

    This batch of informal assessments facilitates easy data collection for student preference in postsecondary training.  Planning data can be obtained in getting a big picture for postsecondary future, self-determination, postsecondary planning, academic skills, and nonacademic needs.  I like how these assessments are reproducible and can be used with students, parents, and teachers.

  5. leahmggmail-com says:

    This informal assessment includes a large variety of interest inventories that are useful for students of many ages.  It includes information on several topics that are valuable in helping students transitioning from school to independent living.  

  6. ramarlowmnu-edu says:


    This is an excellent compilation of informal assessments. It is well organized, reproducible, easy to administer and easy to understand. This tool is tremendously beneficial in assisting students and parents in identifying the appropriate supports needed to address postsecondary goals. I like that it addresses independent living and community participation in a way that can aide in the development of an appropriate and effective IEP. It surveys students for self-esteem, self-determination, living skills checklists, and daily living competencies. I like that it involves the student through assessment that help students decide what things they would like to see in their transition plan.


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