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Informal Assessments in Transition Planning: Postsecondary Education and Training
Sitlington, P.L., Clark, G.M. & Patton, J.R. ( 2008)
Austin, TX: PRO-Ed.

Informal Assessments for Transition:
Postsecondary Education and Training
resource helps determine students’
preferences for post-secondary training, their match with particular
types of institutions, and the need for accommodations and modifications.
These informal assessments are reproducible and practical, and can be
used with students, parents, and teachers.

  1. mlouismnu-edu says:

    This batch of informal assessments facilitates easy data collection for student preference in postsecondary training. Planning data can be obtained in getting a big picture for postsecondary future, self-determination, postsecondary planning, academic skills, and nonacademic needs. I like how these assessments are reproducible and can be used with students, parents, and teachers.

  2. leahmggmail-com says:

    I like that this collection of informal assessments is reproducible  and involves many different resources for post-secondary planning.  I also like that it focuses on self-determination. 

  3. ramarlowmnu-edu says:

    This is an excellent compilation of informal assessments.  It is well organized, reproducible, easy to administer and easy to understand.  Its assessments help students focus on their future, establish long-term goals and establish a postsecondary plan.  The assessment helps students when focusing on the future, self-determination, planning for postsecondary education and training, academic skills and accommodations.  My favorite aspect of this assessment is that it involves the student in the development of the IEP, specifically in developing short and long-term goals.   


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