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Informal Assessments in Transition Planning
Clark, G. M., Patton, J. R., Moulton, R. ( 2000)
Austin, TX: PRO-ED.

InformalĀ Assessments in Transition Planning helps determine students’ transition
needs. Informal assessments that encompass nine domains are included.
They are: employment, further education/training, self-determination,
daily living, communication, health, interpersonal relationships, leisure
activities, and community participation.

  1. Linda Cantrell says:

    This is one of my favorites. The resource is user friendly and affordable. I observed one teacher modify the ‘Individual Supports Assessment Form’ for non readers with picture software to assist with gathering information about goals, preferences and personal experiences. In addition, I utilized this resource to gather information in a variety of the domain areas overtime to develop transition plans and future’s plan (Person Centered Plan). The resources are adaptable for all ability levels.


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