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Occupational Aptitude Survey & Interest Schedule (OASIS-3)
Parker, R.M. ( 2001)
Austin, TX: PRO-Ed.

Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule-3 (OASIS-3:AS)

includes an aptitude survey and an interest schedule and is intended
for students grades 8-12 and adults. The aptitude survey measures six
factors that are directly related to skills and abilities required in
more than 20,000 jobs listed in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles:
general ability, verbal aptitude, numerical aptitude, spatial aptitude,
perceptual aptitude, and manual dexterity. The interest schedule measures
12 factors directly related to the occupations listed in the Guide
of Occupational Exploration
: artistic, scientific, nature, protective,
mechanical, industrial, business detail, selling, accommodations, humanitarian,
leading-influencing, and physical performing.

  1. JP/Muskegon says:

    Talks about Occupational Aptitude (6 factors) and Interest Schedule (12 factors).
    For grade 8 to adult.

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