The Environmental Job Assessment Measure: E-JAM (FREE)
Waintrup, M. & Kelley, P. ( 1999)
Austin, TX: PRO-ED.

The Environmental Job Assessment Measure (E-JAM) allows a professional
to rate students across 47 descriptors in job areas using a job analysis
format. The job areas are: general work behaviors, physical demands
of the job, working conditions, educational demands, and social interaction
on the job and identify accommodations, modifications, and support that
may be needed for workers. The information gathered about a job is useful
in matching a student with an appropriate job. FREE.

  1. jdrurystegen-k12-mo-us says:

    The E-JAM looks to be a useful tool in the areas the it assesses.  It covers such a wide area of behaviors/attitudes/expectations it would be beneficial to have this information to help in transition planning.  It further makes the respodent thinks about support that may be needed as well as any modifications or accomodations that may be required for success at the task/job.  By assessing the physical demands will help indicate whether or not the job is feasible.  Socialization needs to be assessed as much as possible.  There are very few if any jobs where some form of social interaction isn't necessary.  I would recommend the use of this tool as it seems to provide a thorough summary in many areas as well as allow for needed supports for success.

  2. dgrimmmvr3-k12-mo-us says:

    This assessment is ideal for students in Voc. Rehab. The assessment is meant to be filled out by the employer. It gives a good insight of job expectations. It is good for contrasting the student’s abilities and realistic demands of the job. Also, it is good to provide possible accommodations/adaptations to each specific area of the work situation such as general work behaviors, physical demands of the job, working conditions (physical), educational demands, and social interaction required on the job.


  3. mkerrstcmo-org says:

    E-JAM appears to be a well rounded assessment tool that addresses work behaviors, physical requirements, working conditions, educational requirements and social interactions.   I have not used E-JAM in my program but I think that it could have a variety of purposes.  E-JAM seems to be an effective tool for job development and matching students' skills, strengths and interests with the respective job requirements.  I can also see how this assessment tool could be of assistance when setting up a work site for my work experience program.  By using the E-JAM evaluation form I can identify the job requirements and determine which students would be most successful in that work setting.  The results of the assessment would also be helpful with identifying what accommodations might be needed for a student who might not meet all the requirements of a work site. Another positive aspect of the E-JAM is that it includes an area to identify possible supports that can be used for each area assessed.  This is definitely an assessment that I will incorporate in my program.

  4. brindellhotmail-com says:

    The E-JAM assessment appears to be a wonderful opportunity for students to gain insight into the work environment they may be best suited.  I liked that it covered the broad spectrum of work environments including the general work behaviors, physical demands, educational demands and social interaction that may be required.  It also includes an area to list accommodations, modifications and additional supports if needed based on the work environment.  This assessment is student focused and requires the student to honestly think about the question and answer.  My concern is that some of the lower functioning students will need assistance in completing this assessment. 


    While there is not a formal scoring process, I believe that this assessment can open up a conversation regarding a student’s post-secondary work plans with the IEP team and parents. 

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