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Transition Behavior Scale
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McCarney, S.B., & Anderson, P.D. (2000)

Columbia, MO: Hawthorne.

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The Transition Behavior Scale measures students’ abilities in three
areas: work related, interpersonal relations, and social/community expectations.
It is appropriate for students 12-18 years old. It  takes approximately 15 minutes to administer.

  1. mlouismnu-edu says:

    The Transition Behavior Scale (TBS) does an excellent job of measuring a student's readiness for transition to postsecondary employment.  It also informally assesses a student's ability to be indpendent.  I like how behavior is included in this process, because sometimes we can take for granted that an older student may necessarily be more mature behaviorally, but this isn't always the case.  I like how this scale measures a student's behavior in areas of Work Related, Interpersonal Relations, and Social/Community Expecatations.  I also like how there is an ability to retest after testing in order to keep with the ongoing process of transition planning.

  2. khirthmnu-edu says:

    In my opinion this is an formal assessment.  I would not use this in my classroom because of non clarity of the questions that are being asked within the behavior assessment.  THis might be good for more institutional setting but this would not really work well in my opinion for transtioning  because its questions work with a behavior scale, which to me is very different than what would be needed for a transtions for students. 

  3. jwehrli-wehrligmail-com says:

    In my opinion, this is more of a formal assessment.  It's not very clear and not easy to understand.  From looking at the form, it doesn't seem like it would give an accurate picture of student's behavior.  I wouldn't choose to use this tool.

  4. jdrurystegen-k12-mo-us says:

    I have not used the Transition Behavior Scale but am looking to for an upcoming assessment on a 14 year old child through an evaluation process.  In looking at the manuals it looks to be a tool that is fairly easy for staff to complete and will give information that is useful to the transition plan development.  It covers area of work, interpersonal relations, social expectations which are critical to have an idea about to be successful in society.  This information will also be useful in looking at qualifying criteria.  I fell ratign scales provide a lot of relevant information in a process that is not intrusive or drawn out. 

  5. ramarlowmnu-edu says:

           This assessment does not appear to address transition needs, but rather identifies and organizes behavioral information.  It appears easy to administer and score, but it is unclear how to utilize the gathered information.  In my opinion, this assessment does not provide a full spectrum or view of student needs, interests or information that is vital for transitional planning.    


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