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Transition Health Care Checklist. (FREE)
Pennsylvania Department of Health ( 2007)
Harrisburg, PA: Author.

Transition Health Care Checklist
was created to help students with
special health care needs and includes areas such as communication,
financial and legal concerns, HIPAA/COBRA, SSI/SSDI/Ticket to Work,
Medicare, Medicaid-Funded Waivers, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation,
and Assistive Technology, among others. Students, family members, health
care professionals, educators, and others complete the checklist and
work together to help students with special health care needs transition
successfully. FREE

  1. dgrimmmvr3-k12-mo-us says:

    This assessment provides crucial information for independent living.

    The assessment is perhaps, more applicable to students with a more severe disability.

    The material attached to this assessment, provides great information for parents and caregivers about financial and legal concerns, governmental issues, such as social security, health programs, vocation rehabilitation and assistive technology available.



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