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Interagency Collaboration Introduction


Like all young adults, students with disabilities require support as they leave school and enter the adult world. For students with disabilities, there may be many agencies and organizations that provide supports and services. Oftentimes, these services can be confusing and overwhelming for families.

That’s why interagency collaboration is a must! The purpose of this module is to give you examples of interagency collaboration, and provide strategies for ongoing collaboration.

This module includes information, videos, surveys, and interactive activities to help you build or strengthen your interagency team.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this online training, you will be able to:

Session 1: Overview of Interagency Collaboration

  • Define interagency collaboration
  • Describe the purpose and importance of interagency collaboration
  • Identify benefits and name barriers of interagency collaboration

Session 2: Interagency Teams & Team Members

  • Describe the purpose of interagency teams
  • Identify and describe the different levels of interagency collaboration
  • List key players on interagency teams
  • Compare the roles and responsibilities of key players
  • Evaluate your team’s membership

Session 3: Strategies for Facilitating Interagency Teams

  • List strategies for recruiting team members
  • Describe strategies for organizing your interagency team
  • Create a team vision for your interagency team
  • Develop an action plan for your interagency team
  • Describe strategies for sustaining an interagency team