QI-2 Needs Assessment

The Quality Indicators of Exemplary Transition Programs Needs Assessment Instrument (QI-2) is a self-assessment designed to help schools and districts determine the most critical needs within their transition program.   It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Use the QI-2 regularly to prioritize areas of your program to foster continuous improvement.

Take the QI-2

Continuous Improvement by Implementing the QI-2

The QI-2 data is most useful if 10+ stakeholders complete the survey, such as across districts or at the state level. In this case let Transition Coalition develop an aggregate report that will help you zoom in on problem areas and highlight your strengths.

Flow for approaching the QI2 as a group








The individual  QI-2  summary report (available to anyone who takes the QI-2)  is a useful guide for making changes to your program.

QI2 individual approach