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Strategies for School Completion

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Data show that students with disabilities drop out at a higher rate than students without disabilities.  Resources and effective strategies and interventions for these students are available.

How can we improve school completion for students with disabilities in our schools?

The National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) has developed this module to provide you with information and materials you need to make a difference!


Learning Objectives

Session 1: Introduction to School Completion & Student Engagement

  • Describe the importance of school completion
  • Explain consequences associated with dropping out of high school
  • Describe push, pull and fall out factors and identify examples of each from a case study
  • Define four types of student engagement and examples of each

Session 2: Early Warning Indicators & Engagement

  • Define the ABC’s of dropping out and apply them to a case study
  • Identify how early warning data and systems identify students at-risk
  • Identify different types of student engagement tools including school climate surveys

Session 3: Tiered Systems & Effective Interventions

  • Describe each tier in multi-tiered systems of support
  • Identify Tier 1 interventions for school completion and  which ABC each addresses
  • Apply Tier 1 intervention resources to a case study

Session 4: Using Effective Tier 2&3 Interventions

  • Identify Tier 2 & 3 strategies for school completion and which ABC each addresses
  • Apply Tier 2 & 3 intervention resources to a case study