The Essentials of Self-Determination Introduction


This module will provide you with a general knowledge of self-determination as well as a framework for providing self-determination instruction to your students. You will learn about high quality curricula and instructional resources to help you support students to become more self-determined.

Before you dig into the module, though, watch this Youth Credo video from I’m Determined and think about your role in supporting students to be more self-determined.

Learning Objectives

Session 1: Transition and IDEA

  • Describe the characteristics of a self-determined person.
  • Explain the importance of teaching students to be self-determined.
  • Identify the difference between entitlement and eligibility programs, and how self-determination eases this shift.
  • Identify how self-determination is reflected in IDEA.

Session 2: A Model of Self-Determination

  • Describe the key elements of Hoffman & Field (2005) Model of Self-Determination.
  • Identify instructional strategies that can be used to address each element of the Hoffman & Field (2005) Model of Self-Determination.
  • Identify methods to gain family involvement in self-determination instruction.
  • Apply self-determination instructional strategies to a case study.

Session 3: Curricula, Resources & Materials

  • Review examples from self-determination curricula, resources, and materials.
  • Identify resources to use to help students be more self-determined.
  • Identify your next steps in changing your practices related to self-determination.