Transition Coordinator: What Do I Need to Know?

transition coordinator, what do I do
The ins and outs of being a Transition Coordinator

Instead of learning how to be a Transition Coordinator “on the job”, get started with the following tips and resources!

You might be asking, “What’s ahead for me? What should I expect?”.

First off, few states  have specific standards for transition coordinators, while districts often require that these individuals hold a valid secondary special education credential. Consequently, many transition coordinators find themselves learning “on the job”.  This can be very challenging.

Professionals who are involved in providing transition services to young adults with disabilities report that they are not adequately prepared or satisfied with the preparation they received. Consequently, it is difficult to develop or enhance a transition program quickly! 

Get national, state, and local perspectives on the role of transition coordinators including:
  • What IS a Transition Coordinator and what do they DO?
  • State Policies and Procedures
  • A Day in the Life of a Transition Specialist

Developed by professionals that know transition, the following presentation covers the ins and outs of the roles of a Transition Coordinator. 

Help! I’ve Been Hired as a Transition Coordinator

Prepare yourself!


  • Help! I've been hired as a transition coordinator

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