TC Self-Study Webinar

TC Self-Study: What's It All About? Join us to learn about this team-based professional development opportunity. Click to RSVP for the Webinar! Nov 1, 2018 @ 3PM EST

Want Professional Development That Makes a Difference? 

The Transition Coalition Self-Study provides both quality learning and individualized application for teams of 4-12 people. It is designed to support teams to learn and improve their transition programs.
Registration is now open! Deadline to register is Nov. 15!

2 Self-Study Units Offered in Spring, 2019:

IDEA & Secondary Transition
Learn about the transition requirements of IDEA, meeting I13 compliance and how to move beyond compliance to quality. (sample timeline)
Building a Transition Assessment Toolkit
Develop best practices in your transition assessment process and implementation. (sample timeline)

Self-Study Teams Say…

Over 140 teams across 19 states have completed a TC Self-Study.

  • We had nothing in place; everything was random and subjective to the teacher. Through our Self-Study work, we developed a procedure and the toolkit to work from.
  • The best part of the Self-Study was the end product. I am excited to have something at my fingertips to use with my students.
  • The TC Self-Study brought us together to plan and implement the process, share information, and work on a project that was meaningful to all.