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Begin to Develop Student Portfolios and Notebooks.

The portfolios can be a simple 3 ring binder. Save ‘best work’, photos of activities, academic successes, interviews with teachers/others, peer comments/activities, video, audio, etc. This can be used for IEP meetings, job opportunities, college applications. Transition notebooks can include:

1.) Thumbnail sketch of student’s abilities, disabilities, likes dislikes, routines, learning styles, etc.

2.) Important information about students such as emergency numbers, medical issues, etc.

3.) Reference section for students of daily routine information that they may need to refer to such as community information including important words, kitchen and cooking information including favorite recipes, restaurant info etc. daily calendar grids that can be filled in with words and/or pictures.

4.) Pictures and/or words showing what to do in specific emergency situations.

5.) Maps to use in navigating community and maps to their residence.

6.) Student’s resume and references as well as any other pertinent job information.

7.) Any other information needed and/or specific to individual students. Be sure to start early with the portfolio — in elementary grades.

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