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Academic Strategies for Youth with ASD


Sponsored by NTACT, Dr. Kara Hume, UNC, Chapel Hill, will be detailing academic strategies to use with students on the Autism spectrum that can be used across different academic content areas. Join us for the live event or recording AND the 2 week discussion as we release more resources to use with your students!

LIVE EVENT:  October 4, 2018 Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  October 4-18, 2018

Download resources for this Webinar below
  • AcademicStrategies_NTACT

  • Linking Selected Goals to EBPs

  • Blank Peer Support Plan

  • UnderstandingAutismSecondaryTeachersGuide

  • Kara Hume

    Join the Discussion!

    How can you support YOUR students with these academic strategies?

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    Lina Rudenas

    I liked the idea of peer support in the regular education setting. I believe that my students will behave in a different manner when a peer is assisting them rather than a paraprofessional during instructional time.

    Lina Rudenas

    What are the best strategies to use in introducing Digital Safety.

    Dana Lattin

    Dr. Hume your information was great! We have an inclusive college program at KU (KU TPE http://www.tpe.ku.edu) for students with ID and some of them also have an autism spectrum disability. Do you have recommendations for using these strategies and materials for students who are in college?

    Allison Unruh

    Multiple visual training about EBPs that might be helpful at this link!!

    Allison Unruh

    The video is now complete with captioning.

    Here is one final resource from Kara. Thanks for participating and feel free to ask questions or make comments about these resources.

    Here is a great guide for Secondary Teachers: Understanding Autism. Find it above in the resources section!