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Prepping for College: WHAT & HOW

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Sponsored by NTACT Cate Weir (Think College), Sloan Huckabee (Transitions RTC) and Allison Lombardi (UConn) share information, strategies and resources to  help young adults with disabilities prepare for college. Learn about special preparation for students with learning disabilities, mental health disabilities and those with intellectual disabilities.


LIVE EVENT:  February 23, 2017  2pm Central Time
Discuss with Cate, Sloan & Allison!

Download resources for this Webinar below
  • 411 Disability Disclosure

  • Prepping-for-College-NTACT-2-23-2017-FINAL

  • Transition-Plan-Goal-Areas-Tables-Karla-Wade

  • transition_team_checklist_MPetal

  • Insight27_day_in_the_life

  • Think College CCR Foundations skills NO WATERMARK

  • Allison Lombardi

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