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Strategies & Resources for Students with Complex Support Needs in Distance Learning Environments


Providing educational and employment in virtual and distance learning environments for students with complex support needs is extremely challenging. NTACT and partner organizations provide guidance, examples and assistance for transition-focused instruction and other activities for students with complex support needs.

Put your slippers on and join us!  Live captioning provided.


Download resources for this Webinar below
  • 1. FIN - Parent-Virtual-Tips-SWD

  • 2. Stop-Look-and-Listen-Supported-Decision-Making-Tool-_FINAL (11)


  • 4. Strategies & Resources in Distance Learning.docx Linda ONeal

  • 5. Pictorial Interest Inventory

  • 6. N2Y- Unique Lerning System - Transition Passport Curriculum Example

  • 7. Phones, Texts & Video Chat-Communication Support

  • 8. Chores Activities & Visuals

  • 9. First-Then PIX.com Board Example

  • 10. HCT Readiness Assessment for Students with an IEP_English FINAL

  • 11. Sample Goals for IEP transition plan FINALv2

  • 12. Five Steps to Prepare for Health Care Transition

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    can anyone recommend good YouTube channels to showcase work skills and/or independent living/hygiene skills?

    Amy Reeves

    I have created a channel to help with independent living. It only has a few videos, but I am trying to add 2 new videos each week. Independent Living 101: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwrf1JMtUUj63bf50GQrVWA?view_as=subscriber if you subscribe it will notify you when new videos post.


    Awesome! Thanks! I am a Transition Coordinator for a school district in Pennsylvania for all of the low incidence students in our district which is about 70 students. In this online learning environment I am attempting to post three assignments per week: one related to post secondary education, one to employment and one to independent living. This will definitely be helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Amy Reeves

    You are welcome. The webinars that NTACT have been hosting have a lot of options for employment like virtual tours, etc. I also like the choice boards for our 18+ students to work on over the course of the day. Remember that even just sitting down and playing a board game can be good for independent living and not put a lot of additional stress on the families.

    Catherine Fowler

    Thanks for sharing, Amy.

    Dana Lattin

    The materials and resources from today’s webinar are now posted and the video should be available later today!

    Sarah Carlson

    During the presentation, you all mentioned the benefit of including students in the decision-making process. Can you share some ideas for the types of decision-making opportunities to provide to students? Or strategies for supporting students to make decisions from afar?

    Sarah Carlson

    During the presentation, you all indicated that now is a good time to focus on person-centered planning or bring up the topic of supported decision-making. Both of these are personal and potentially sensitive conversations. What are some suggestions for making these conversations meaningful and respectful in an online environment?

    Sarah Carlson

    During the presentation, you shared some ideas and resources for working on IEP goals. What if you can’t address a student’s IEP goal as it is written in their IEP?