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Coordinating Services across CTE, VR, and Special Education


This NTACT CBVI content session helps state interdisciplinary teams examinine their levels of coordination and collaboration across department and agency partners to: 1) implement high quality transition programs and services; 2) deliver Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS); and, 3) ensure students with disabilities have access to and can persist in career and technical education (CTE) programs and curricula.

Watch the State2State Sharing: CTE Coordinating Services

Watch the State2State Sharing: CTE Implementing EBPs

Presenters:  Ruth Allison, NTACT at TransCen, Inc.,  Charlotte Alverson, NTACT at University of Oregon,  Melissa Diehl, WINTAC at George Washington University,  Caroline MaGee, NTACT at University of Oregon

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  • 6.22.2020 S2S CTE Coordinating Services

  • 6.23.2020 S2S CTE Implementing EBPs

  • CBVI SpEd CTE VR presentation-pt 1

  • CBVI SpEd CTE VR presentation-pt 2

  • IDEA_Rehab Act_WIOA_Perkins V_Coordination

  • Levels of Collaboration Scale_Frey, et al

  • Perkins V_VR_IDEA Alignment slide

  • CBVI Notetaking Framework May2020

  • Caroline MaGee

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    Deanne Unruh

    AdvanceCTE, a professional organization for state CTE personnel, has released a blog on multiple topics related to providing CTE services during Covid-19. Here is one blog statement that is specifically focused on Work-based Learning Opportunities that I thought may be of interest: http://blog.careertech.org/?p=16653

    Sue Sawyer

    One thing that is missing from this dialogue is ESSA- and the focus on inclusive practices. Students are general education students first. ESSA requires the data collection, focus on standards, and defines the diploma, which are essential for any student to leave school college and carer ready

    Liz Zastrow

    Thank you for the great resources!

    Dana Lattin

    Hi Everyone! If you want to keep up with this discussion, please CLICK SUBSCRIBE in the GREEN BAR above.

    Dawn Rowe

    Could someone please share their strategies for moving across the spectrum of collaboration? For example, moving from just co-existing to sharing information and coordinating services. Or from coordinating services to fully integrate programs, planning, and funding?

    Catherine Fowler

    This is almost exactly the question I heard from a state today. Please do share – and plan to share in the S2S – about this range of collaboration strategies – “moving across the spectrum of collaboration” as Dawn references.

    Sam Gonzalez

    Is there a way to find out which state certification test offer accommodations? One barrier with CTE is the state the student with a disability won’t be able to pass the state certification test ie welding or cosmetology and therefore don’t want the student in the CTE course.

    Donna Phillips

    Excellent presentation! I appreciate the information and the tools that were shared! Even though I was watching this recording on my own, I made use of the opportunities to stop and reflect which resulted in many good discussion questions to take to my team. Thank you!!!

    Cindy Chiu

    Great presentation and resources! It will be very helpful, as an interdisciplinary group, to elaborate on the “what’s in it for our partners”. The better understanding of our partner agencies the better we can collectively support our mutual students through system alignment and collaboration.

    Ruth Allison
    Part of the team’s time should be spent upfront identifying the value each entity brings to the collaboration and how you, as a team member, can support each member’s role, rather than coming to the group only focused on the need of your agency. For example, if our Education partner has identified that they want to increase the number of students with disabilities in CTE. VR could contribute to that need by creative Pre-ETS that focus specifically on careers within the CTE clusters offered at the school. Additionally, what VR services could support eligible student with disabilities while they are… Read more »