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Employment Strategies & Supports for Youth with ASD


Sponsored by NTACT, Jennifer McDonough, Project Director & Associate Director of Training, and Alissa Brooke, Project Coordinator, both of VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, will talk about critical strategies and supports for youth with autism seeking and maintaining employment. Case studies will be provided to show real life examples of the strategies and supports at work. Learn and discuss!!

LIVE EVENT:  November 29, 2018 Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  November 29, 2018-December 13, 2018 


Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Ask the Expert-Job Coaching and Community Supports

  • Guide to Creating a Task Analysis

  • Fast Facts -- Apple Apps Resource Guide

  • Jennifer McDonough

    Join the Discussion!

    What strategies and supports have you used that have helped your students employment?

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    15 Comments on "Employment Strategies & Supports for Youth with ASD"

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    Adriana Martinez

    Can we get a list of the apps you all have used as referenced in the PowerPoint? Thank you!

    Alissa Brooke

    Hi Adriana,
    Some great apps:
    Alarms, Reminders, Notes, VoCal, StoryKit, CanPlan, Speak It!

    Allison Unruh

    Hi Romie! This was indeed recorded, but due to some technical difficulties it is going to be just a bit until it is posted. I will post here to let you all know when I have it uploaded. Please share when it is ready!! Glad you enjoyed, Jennifer and Alissa did a great job!

    Romie Tobin

    I feel certain that this is being recorded – how can I get other service providers to be able to listen/watch this webinar? this is great information! I loved all the examples of things like the PDA use,picture schedules schedules,
    examples of task analysis, scripts that a student can practice….Many Thanks!

    Stephanie  O\'Mahony

    This was a great presentation. I found numerous ideas that I can use within my classroom and with my students. Is there a documentation sent to the participants that took part in the webinar and who should I contact if I didn’t receive any yet?

    Allison Unruh

    Hi Stephanie! You should have received an email from me thanking you for participation. Let me know if you did not receive that.

    Dixie Periman

    This was a very good presentation – I loved the strategies applicable for teachers of students with ASD or related disabilities. We will certainly share this information with teachers around Colorado.

    Allison Unruh

    The recording is now available! Thank you for your patience through a few technical difficulties!! More resources to come this week!

    Allison Unruh

    Captions now available!

    Allison Unruh

    Jennifer and Alissa share Task Analysis info for those interested. There is a document newly added above and a short “how-to” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIAJ8SKLkGY

    Allison Unruh

    I know we are officially past our discussion period, but Alissa and Jennifer have a few additional resources for those interested! The first is a GREAT guide to Apps and how they are used (in our list of resources above).

    Cheryl Junge

    Great resource with some specific ideas that can be used for support! Is it okay to share screens of the powerpoint in a presentation I am doing on transition as long as I reference the VCU/Transition Coalition origin?