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Employment for Youth with Autism: Keys to Success!


Sponsored by NTACT, join Paul Wehman (Director, VCU-RRTC) and Carol Schall (Director of Technical Assistant, Autism Center for Excellence) as they provide the key elements in supporting students with ASD and challenging behaviors to experience successful paid integrated employment outcomes.  Find out how all stakeholders can collaborate on employment internships for students, staff can be trained to provide quality employment supports, and ASD-specific supports can be provided to youth.  Be prepared to ask questions about employment for youth with ASD!! For ALL transition stakeholders.


LIVE EVENT:  February 22, 2018 3PM EST   REGISTER NOW!
ONLINE DISCUSSION: Discuss with Paul and Carol, February 21-March 8!


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  • Employment for Youth with Autism presentation

  • Carol Schall

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    How can you support the youth you work with find employment?

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    Allison Unruh

    How do we support students with ASD to disclose their disability?

    Samantha Gores

    How do we best prepare youth with ASD to meet employers’ communication expectations?

    Bruce Belanger

    How can we help youth with ASD to improve communication with employment bosses to sustain employment? Strategies?

    Bruce Belanger

    I teach at a university. How can I get more info on how to start a program for indiv with disabilities?

    Bruce Belanger

    What about training for the bosses, supervisors, on communicating with students with ASD?