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Employment Preparation & WBL Experiences in a Virtual World


Michael Stoehr (NTACT) and Brenda Simmons (WINTAC)  will provide guidance, ideas, and resources for engaging students in meaningful employment preparation activities during school and community closures. This webinar is for service providers, educators, family members, and students.

Grab a snack and watch this webinar, participate in the discussion and get resources! Co-sponsored by NTACT, WINTAC, Y-TAC, and the Transition Coalition. Live captioning provided.


Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Participant Version Employment Preparation and WBLE in a Virutal World - April 7, 2020 Webinar

  • Michael Stoehr

    Join the Discussion!

    What questions, ideas, resources or strategies do you have for providing employment-related skills and experiences while students are at home?

    Please enter the following information before accessing resources on our site. Thank you.

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    Katie Kraft

    Hi! I generally run an internship program for Denver Public Schools high school students with disabilities. I am finding it VERY hard to come up with virtual positions with our business partners. Does anyone have any tips, ideas, directions they could pass my way?? Thank you!

    Susan Sebastian

    We are providing remote instruction – most of our community sites are closed.

    Susan Sebastian

    I am the Transition/Vocational Program Coordinator for the three Military School Districts in San Antonio, TX

    Lynnette E. Roche

    Unable to complete evaluation. Did not appear on my screen.

    Lynnette E. Roche

    Unable to complete evaluation because your email did not show up on my screen

    Janice Marrero

    Excellent presentation.

    Dana Lattin

    Hello! Here’s a webinar later this week (Thursday) that you might be interested in

    Strategies to Support Remote Learning Along a Continuum of Internet Access
    April 16, 2020
    11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. MT

    More INfo/Registration here: (sorry it’s so ugly – I can’t use hyperlinks on this discussion board)!


    Magdalene McLaughlin

    Where can I find examples of virtual pre ets that can provide remotely? I could not find the resources through chatbox from the webinar. Please guide me to right direction. Thank you.