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How do you know Students are College and Career Ready?


Sponsored by NTACT, join us as Drs. Lombardi, Mazzotti, and Morningstar describe the development of a new measure, College and Career Readiness for Transition (CCR4T). They will present the CCR4T framework and offer several opportunities for local, district and state-level professionals to provide input and feedback. Practitioners can also learn about participating in a national field-test of the CCR4T for students with and without disabilities in high schools.


LIVE EVENT:  February 20, 2020  Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  February 20-March 5, 2020

Download resources for this Webinar below
  • CCR4T Ask the Experts 2020_FINAL

  • Using ChoiceMaker Self-Directed IEP to Teach IEP Meeting Participation_3

  • PD_Strategy_Read update 2017KC (2)

  • PD_SDLMI_Goal-1

  • PD_SM_SSkills

  • strategy Instruction - Reading Comprehension - Lesson


  • PD_CAI_JobSpecificSkills_2018

  • Allison Lombardi

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    What are tools used for career exploration for students with more significant disabilities?

    Mary Morningstar

    Hi Ellen, great question. You might review some of my past presentation on the topic of transition assessment for students with significant disabilities. If you go to the Transition Coalition Resources tab, then Presentations in the drop down, you will land on a page with past presentation. one of which is Transition Assessment for Students with Significant Disabilities. I am also training a group of teachers in CA this week, and a lot if it focuses on CCR for Students with Significant Disabilities. When I get back, I’ll post those handouts.

    Karen Rollins

    Thank you for this presentation. Can you share the information for the SDLMI curriculum? In the presentation it was mentioned to use at a variety of ages. How many times would this be used?

    Valerie Mazzotti

    Hi Karen – Here is the link to the teacher’s guide for the SDLMI: https://beachcenter.lsi.ku.edu/sites/default/files/SDLMI-Teachers-Guide_4-2017.pdf

    Allison Unruh

    I just uploaded a BUNCH of helpful resources from Mary, Val, and Allison.
    See how these might be helpful with your students!