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I’m Determined Website Tour


Sponsored by NTACT, join Amanda Randall and Jesse Rodriguez for a tour of the I’m Determined website. Learn how to use their free resources to help your students become more Self-Determined!

LIVE EVENT:  April 26, 2018 3PM EST Recording Available


Download resources for this Webinar below
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    Join the Discussion!

    We are eager to show you how to explore our website, I’m Determined! Please post your questions and comments below.
    What resources can you use to help your students become more self-determined?

    Please enter the following information before accessing resources on our site. Thank you.

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    Jesse Rodriguez

    Looking forward to extending the conversation here. Let us know if you have any questions about the website, or the I’m Determined Project as a whole. If you’re interested in learning more about I’m Determined, I recommend watching the previously recorded Ask The Expert where Amanda and John dove deeper into the project, which can be found here: https://transitioncoalition.org/blog/webinar/ask-expert-im-determined/

    What questions do you have?