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Improving Employment Outcomes: Coordinating Services and Engaging Partners


In this NTACT CBVI content session, state interdisciplinary teams will examine their coordination across partners of career development and employment experiences focused on improving student employment outcomes through: 1) expectation of employment for each and every student; 2) comprehensive continuum of career readiness and work based learning experiences; 3) alignment and coordination of services; and, 4) engagement of all partners including business and families.

Watch the State2State Sharing: Identifying & Addressing Gaps

Watch the State2State Sharing: Engaging Family & Business

Presenters: Ruth Allison, NTACT at TransCen, Inc, Jacque Hyatt, NTACT at TransCen, Inc., Brenda Simmons, WINTAC and George Washington University

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Download resources for this Webinar below
  • 6.15.20 Addressing Gaps

  • 6.16.20 Engaging Family and Business

  • 6.16.20 Resources Shared by Participants

  • Employment PPT

  • CBVI Notetaking Framework May2020

  • Levels of Collaboration Scale_Frey, et al

  • Flow of Services blank- Employment Outcomes

  • WBL Continuum diagram

  • WBL Continuum- blank

  • Jacque Hyatt

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    15 Comments on "Improving Employment Outcomes: Coordinating Services and Engaging Partners"

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    Hillary Mangis

    Hi, do you have the flow of services document as a handout and I am missing it?

    Allison Unruh

    I just added the flow of services document. thanks!

    Michelle Oja

    Is the Continuum available as a fillable document? I thought Allison mentions it as a resource available to us in the video, but I do not see it listed.

    Allison Unruh

    I just added the Continuum although it does not seem to be fillable. If you would like it fillable, let me know!

    Michelle Oja

    That would be awesome! We have something similar with our employability standards in Indiana, and I would like to attempt to merge the two documents to show a connection. I think bridging the two will help people to see how we don’t need to get students job ready but give them the experiences they need to grow and develop their interests alongside their skills.

    Kendrick Lester

    Michelle, would you be willing to share info or access to Indiana Employability Standards? Thanks!

    Michelle Oja

    Kendrick, I apologize this took a moment for me to get back to you with. Here is the link to the K-12 standards and implementation guide: https://www.doe.in.gov/wf-stem/employability-skills.

    Ruth Allison

    Love this idea, Michelle! Keep us posted on your progress. Would love to continue to hear about it.

    Allison Unruh

    I just posted the word version of the continuum. Let us know if this is helpful or if you were looking for something else. This should be workable for merging if that is the main need.

    Dana Lattin

    If you want to keep up with this discussion, please CLICK SUBSCRIBE in the GREEN BAR above.

    Cindy Chiu

    Great presentation and indeed that you are job-ready when you are working. I wonder how can the education system incorporate career exploration and expectation into the K-12 early intervention.

    Catherine Fowler

    It seems that tapping into some wonderful resources for career awareness at very young ages, through middle school, and beyond are needed. These standards are being embraced for all students through some of the college and career ready work in many states. We must also be certain that explicit instruction is occuring for truly ALL students (including all students with disabilities) throughout K-12. Sounds like a good discussion for either of the CTE/Sped/VR focused State to State sharings, or the Employment focused on the continuum

    Cindy Chiu

    Agreed that early intervention with a focus on career development and exploration should be for All students with and without a disability. Are there any discussions on integrating Discovery of Customized Employment into the K-12 curriculum? I appreciate the ongoing discussions diving into similar topics.

    Sue Sawyer

    In California, we are initiating pilots to start transition planning by age 6 and engaging teachers who teach pre-school and kindergarten in the process. The focus is self awareness and seeing the link between social skills and teamwork and skills young people need when they go to work, like teamwork, collaboration, communication skills and creativity.