Local Innovation and Collaboration across CTE-Special Education and VR


Sponsored by NTACT, join a team working in Nevada towards local CTE collaboration. You will hear C.J Fields and Jennifer Kane (state Education Programs Professionals) along with their teammates David Palmer (Assistant Principal/Athletic Director-Dayton HS) and Janice John (NV state Rehabilitation Services) as they discuss what they have implemented locally for improving student achievement and educator effectiveness.

LIVE EVENT:  March 28, 2019 Recording available
ONLINE CHAT:  March 28-April 11, 2019


Download resources for this Webinar below
  • NTACT-NV Local CTE

  • Pre-ETS-CTE Curriculum Crosswalk

  • CUL I Pre-ETS-CTE Curriculum Crosswalk

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    Jordan Trogdon
    Jordan Trogdon
    2 years ago

    Would the transition documentation system that was shown be similar to the Transition Gradebook that is on the NTACT website?

    Etowah High School
    Etowah High School
    2 years ago

    I like the idea of the crosswalk of CTAE Curriculum and Pre-ets skills. Also, the grants would be great to provide more support to students with disabilities. Especially as teachers are struggling to instruct all students in the increasingly diverse lab setting.

    Jennifer Kane
    Jennifer Kane
    2 years ago

    Lyon County School District is on spring break April 1 – 5, so I expect to hear back from the Director of Special Services regarding the grant information next week.

    Allison Unruh
    2 years ago

    Hey All! I just posted the Pre-ETS Curriculum Crosswalk as well as an example Crosswalk from the culinary program that David Palmer talked about during the Ask the Expert. Be sure to send the link to colleagues who would be interested!
    Ask C.J. any questions about this you might have or share how it might work for your program.

    Allison Unruh
    2 years ago

    “We use the State competitive CTE grant to fund the paraprofessionals at three of our high schools. I use IDEA funds for 1 para at another high school.
    Here is the sample language for Silver Stage High School: The program paraprofessional will work in coordination and collaboration with the district’s Transition Coordinator for special education to help coordinate services for students with disabilities in CTE classrooms at Silver Stage High School. With a paraprofessional to assist in the CTE classrooms, there will be more coverage for students with all abilities levels in multiple CTE courses. The collaborative efforts of this position and the transition coordinator will include providing professional development to staff relative to the essential evidence-based practices that provide a strong foundation for students to join the work-force upon completion.”
    This information is from the Special Services Director at Lyon County School District, NV in regards to the grant funds they use. Let us know if you all have any more questions about this!

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