Gaining Momentum in Middle Schools – Wisconsin Strategies


Sponsored by NTACT Nancy Molfenter (WI Dept. of Public Instruction) and Jennifer Hilgendorf (WI Transition Improvement Grant) share professional development strategies for implementing transition practices at the middle school level.  Learn how middle school teachers can use existing initiatives to provide their students with some important transition competencies.


LIVE EVENT:  May 11, 2017  Recording Available   
ONLINE CHAT:  May 11 – May 26, 2017


Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Middle School Presentation

  • Links for Resources section

  • ccr-iep-overview-guide

  • tran-new-way-of-thinking

  • Opening Doors to Postsecondary Education and Training

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    Let’s talk about middle school transition practices! Please post your questions and comments below.
    What transition strategies do you use at the middle school level?

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