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Making Pre-Employment Transition Services Work at the Local Level


Sponsored by NTACT, join Keith Ozols (Workforce and Youth Manager, VR from Oregon), Heather Lindsey (Acting Director Education Programs and Transitions from Oregon), and Ronica Marable (TA provider with NTACT) as they discuss how Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation and the Oregon Department of Education are coordinating Pre-ETS at a state leadership level. Through braided funding these agencies are developing stronger connections between local VR offices and local school districts. These local partnerships are building capacity and opening the door for the delivery of Pre-ETS at the local level.

LIVE EVENT:  August 16, 2018 Recording available
ONLINE DISCUSSION: August 16-August 30, 2018!




Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Oregon - Ask the Expert 2

  • PreETS local Sec 113

  • Clackamas County -Agency Trifold

  • Transition Path to Adulthood Folder

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    Allison Unruh

    I will be posting some of the resources shared in the webinar here over the next two weeks! You will get a daily email with updates during that time period if you are subscribed.
    Feel free to ask questions for Ronica, Keith, or Heather!

    droselda kidd

    What if all efforts have been used for individual transition and there is still no plan due to individual and family, what step should be taken next.

    David Earl Ochoa

    In Texas, the IEP team is required by law to create a transition plan. So, my response to your question would be that regardless of the effort being made by the student or the family, you should still create a transition plan that focuses on the postsecondary goals of the student.

    David Earl Ochoa

    Please help. I am not seeing the “subscribe” button mentioned in the email to connect me with the discussion.

    Allison Unruh

    Hi David! The subscribe button is above in green. If you click on the dropdown next to the envelope and word subscribe and it will give you the chance to get updates. Let me know if you need help after this, happy to help!

    David Earl Ochoa

    Thank you!

    droselda kidd

    Thank you.

    Droselda Kidd

    Would like to find out more about Meggie program.

    Allison Unruh

    I just posted two excellent resources from our Oregon presenters: Clackamas County-Agency Trifold and Transition Path to Adulthood Folder. Check them out and see how you can use and/or adapt them in your state. Let us know how it works!

    David Earl Ochoa

    Those are excellent resources! Do we have permission to adapt them?

    Allison Unruh

    Yes! Heather and Keith provided them so they could be used and adapted for other states. Very generous!