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Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & Beyond: Social Media for Peer2Peer Engagement


How are teenagers and young adults connecting and supporting one another during the COVID 19 crisis in our country? This session presented by youth engagement and leadership professionals will explore effective practices and resources that can promote and enhance communication and engagement of students with disabilities. Sponsored by NTACT.  Live captioning provided. 

LIVE EVENT:  April 21, 2020  12-1 ET  Recording available!

Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Managing Social Distanacing So It Doesn't Suck

  • Participant Version - Social Media for Peer2Peer Engagement- April 21, 2020 Webinar

  • Michael Stoehr

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    What questions, ideas, resources or strategies do you have for supporting students with disabilities to use social media for connecting with peers during social distancing?

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    Carol Foutz

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    Letoya Greenidge



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