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Transition Activities Online At Home


NTACT staff and others will share tips and resources to support the continued learning and skill development of students, while school and community access are severely restricted.  Grab your coffee and watch this webinar, participate in the discussion and get resources! Also stay tuned to www.transitionta.org .



Download resources for this Webinar below
  • Transition Activities for Online at Home PPT

  • NTACT_at home instructional resources_March_24_2020

  • Example - A Week At A Glance-1

  • Choice Boards-Final

  • NTACT_at home_PSE_resources_4.3.2020

  • NTACT_at home_IL_resources_4.3.2020

  • NTACT_at home_Employment_resources_4.3.2020

  • Dana Lattin

    Join the Discussion!

    What questions, ideas, resources or strategies do you have for teaching transition-related skills and content online and at home?

    Please enter the following information before accessing resources on our site. Thank you.

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    Catherine Fowler

    We’ve had some great ideas shared already. Here’s just one – focused on supporting student’s routines (helping build new ones) during this uncertain period https://afirm.fpg.unc.edu/build-new-routines.

    Denise Griffin

    Thanks for sharing.

    Valerie Wiltse

    Will this Webinar be made available to those who could not sign in at 8:00 am Eastern time

    Betty Schoen

    That is a great resource about building new routines! Lots of additional stuff on the website. We have an app that is endorsed and supported by Arizona State University: https://getyouredge.org/
    The app has 27 30 minute video based modules to help youth learn job keeping skills in customer service, leadership development, and personal development.

    Betty Schoen

    I have a document that was shared with me by a PT in AZ. It has gross motor activities for children. How do i share the document?

    Denise Griffin

    We are not currently offering any services to students. I sent a list of free resources available to my parents. I suggested setting up a routine and providing choices throughout the day. Also, to involve students in household activities: cooking, laundry, etc.

    Catherine Fowler

    Routines, clear schedules, fostering choicemaking and household responsibilities are all excellent suggestions for parents.

    Angie Toland

    Career exploration videos sorted by career clusters:

    Betty Schoen

    This webinar was so useful, and i’ll be sharing all of the resources with all of my distribution lists!

    Valisha Ashton

    The resources provided are helpful.

    Lisa O’Connell

    I signed up and it is telling me you reached the max. I was already approved for this last week. Your agency should have monitored how many you allowed to sign up


    This was wonderful!! Thank you!


    What is the Facebook page? Transition PA? I could not locate.

    Catherine Fowler

    It is available above, on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/transitionta/ – and on http://www.transitionta.org (Events)

    Denise Griffin
    The information was helpful for most teachers. It appears that my district will be implementing distance learning in the next week or so to finish the year. I am curious what districts are doing for their students who have more severe and profound disabilities. My students do not interact with technology, write/type, or speak. My parents are providing 24/7 care, may have other children in house, adjusting to work situations, and now are having to teach. I have provided some resources and suggestions until district has plan in place. I am very concerned for the mental well-being of everyone.
    Catherine Fowler

    Denise, the well-being of all of our families is definitely of concern. I just received a few resources here: https://www.parentcenterhub.org/coronavirus-resources/#more (scroll down to the section on some coping resources). NTACT will also be sharing more resources and ideas for precisely the population of students and families you seem to be describing. We will share broadly.

    Breanna Long

    Hi, I missed the webinar… my job is asking for verification I attended and I realize I had not. Is there another webinar for this topic soon?

    Catherine Fowler

    Hi Breanna. You may access the recording here and there will be information posted about more webinars – April 7, 14, and 21 at Noon (Eastern) shared through Transition Coalition and at http://www.transitionta.org in the next day.

    Suzanne Rankin

    I cannot hear the sound on the video. Is that normal since I am not watching it live?

    Betsy ONeill

    explore-work.com is no longer a working link. Do you think they changed it to something else or just removed it?? It was agreat resource for my students

    Catherine Fowler

    See if this works, Betsy: https://explore-work.com/

    Lori Scovil

    I just watched the webinar and found it very helpful. I attempted to fill out the survey and it is closed. Is there a way I can access it so I can offer feedback and receive verification for my school that I watched? Thank you!

    Catherine Fowler

    Lori, contact NTACT through http://www.transitionta.org with your question.

    Lori Scovil

    I contacted them 2 days and haven’t heard anything. Is this normal? Thank you!