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Transition Considerations for Youth with Complex Support Needs


Michael Stoehr

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Holly Schwietz

Great information!

Monique LeTourneau

The case study CaPromise was really helpful. And the tools, general points, etc. Thanks!

Kimberly Johnson

This is a good webinar! Thanks so much!

Allison Unruh
Hey all! This was a great Ask the Expert, thanks for your interest and participation! I wanted to let you know that there is a technical glitch with the emails going out every time someone comments. We are working to get that fixed so you will just receive ONE a day if you are subscribed to the discussion (go to the green box and click on the drop down next to subscribe if you are interested). In the meantime, please forgive us for the multiple emails and thanks again!! Also, I will post the resources above over the next two… Read more »
Charlie Walters

Thank you to everyone able to make it today! Looking forward to some good discussion with you all here!

Christa Knaak

Thanks for the info!

Sheri Ransom

Thank you so much, I don’t think we address the students with complex needs as often as we should when thinking of transition.

Charlie Walters

Thank you for being there, Sheri! I wholeheartedly agree – we tend to keep things pretty general and don’t always hit the complications head on… Are there any areas that would be helpful to cover in more detail in the future?

Sheri Ransom

Assessments for MDS students nonverbal. I have three who are turning transition age and assessments will need to be completed in the three key areas. Our team is trying to figure out where to go for resources.

Judith Imperatore

Your turn
Hello Sheri. I’d be glad to share our resources. We’ve been doing assessment for these students for many years.

Judith Imperatore

I’d love to. Just have to figure it out. I’ll email them to you and perhaps you can attach them?

Andrea Martin

Thank you! I am excited to check out the Life Course Framework.

Patricia Anderson
In terms of the student with allergies as well as other disabilities (VI, HI, CP), we have done PCP with this student twice – but most likely not as much follow through as possible. We plan to try the LifeCourse Planning. And I would like to get him into Customized Employment. One of the primary difficulties, however, is the difficulty the parent has letting this student try different things other than just what he “wants” to do – which may or may not be appropriate yet. Any suggestions about how to help the parents through this process while also encouraging… Read more »
Charlie Walters
Hey Patricia! Great question and such a common issue, right? I have two answers, although I know that Michael, Linda, and lots of other folks probably have some valuable input to add, too! The first relates to this issue in general, and that is, how do we in local areas better convey the mission of SPED supports and services to families throughout the lifespan? Do families know that we’re aiming for self-determined students pursuing fulfilling lives, integrated into their communities? If not, how can we better communicate the aim of SPED as students age? Student-led IEP meetings? Earlier transition planning… Read more »
Patricia Anderson

Thanks Charlie. Actually I am glad you brought up the YLF. I encouraged parent to attend the final luncheon this year with the idea that we could get the son to YLF within the next two years. Mom indicated that he could do all of the leadership, self-advocacy stuff but that YLF could not accommodate his allergies. We have some work to do there but I hope we can pull it off within the next few years. I wholly agree with your perspective! Thanks for the reminder and support.

Judith Imperatore
All. Thank you for this webinar. The your suggestions for focus was practical to transition and positive trajectory for adult life. We all cannot hear enough about high expectations and how that context drives success for students. Thank you! !! My curiosity (more than a question) was the absences of information about transition assessment. Without assessment, individualization can’t happen. I won’t go into that…but…Person Centered Planning is a wonderful tool which you did mention- one that has a history of creation during the deinstitutionalization period when folks had no input. Thankfully, IDEA builds into its mandates everyone’s voice. (Whether schools… Read more »
Shannonb Corkrean

Can I have the citation from Charlie’s presentation re: the study that talked about how guardianship doesn’t necessarily equate to safer and more quality of life. I am very interested in that area. Thank you!

Charlie Walters
What an awesome question and super cool area of interest. As far as I know, nobody has conducted a systematic review of the literature on this specific topic or conducted a study that looks at something like the quality of life for persons under guardianship versus those who are not. I’ve explored the literature on the topic for some time now, and have never come across anything like that, however. The issue is really how alarming it is that, even if there may be some sort of isolated finding that promotes guardianship on the basis of quality of life, it… Read more »
sydney verne

thanks…..how do I subscribe though?

Dixie Periman

I cannot download the resources from yesterday’s webinar. It says popup window blocked. Do you know how I can fix this issue?

April Green

I am looking for the recording of the live session. I would like to go back and watch it again. Does anyone have the link they can share?

Kathy Tuttle

For Linda: When you said with the right “marketing” families attended in higher numbers to events. Could could you describe that marketing?

Kathy Tuttle

Michael: I tried to link to the AT assessment but went to a bigger website and could not locate it.
Could it be posted to this site?

Courtney Kallas
I am working with my team to find some research that we can use to “level set” expecations for brainstorming appropriate student artifacts for a graduation capstone portfolio for our teachers working with youth with complex support needs. Could you point me in the direction of an article or the name of a researcher/research team that has explored the impact of high expectations in transition planning in all areas for youth with complex support needs? THANKS for any help. I’d love to have an article or two to use as a frame for our teachers to reflect on as they… Read more »
Allison Unruh

New resources added! A few more to come.

Allison Unruh

The new resources Michael mentioned earlier this week are now posted. Let me know if there are any missing!