Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) are intended to improve and expand the types of services available to students with disabilities before they leave high school. View Mini-Module >>

Systems Advocacy and Self-Advocacy

The focus of this mini-module is on disability activism and systems advocacyincluding self-advocacy and consumer-advocacy. What it will not discuss is self-advocacy from a curricular or skill-building perspective. View Mini-Module >>

Moving from Services to Community Supports

This mini-module focuses on the paradigm shifts in how services for individuals with disabilities have changed over time. View Mini-Module >>

The Independent Living Movement

The independent living paradigm is based on the assumption that the restrictions faced by individuals are societal – not individual. View Mini-Module >>

Using Person-Centered Planning for Transition

Throughout this mini-module, you will receive information about person-centered planning (PCP) and the role it can play in transition planning. View Mini-Module >>

Mental Health Services & Youth with Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities

This mini-module provides an overview of the critical issues facing youth with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD) as they make the transition from school to adult life. We will focus on how community mental health services are provided and learn about models for effective transition and mental health services. View Mini-Module >>