NTACT-LOGO-web-color-XSMWelcome to the NTACT CBVI Phase 2.  We hope you’ve had a chance to meet with your team to identify some initial content areas of focus.


Follow These Steps:


1. Watch the CBVI Kickoff video.

2. Review the content sessions for any of the 4 focus areas. Watch all that interest you!

3. Access materials and resources for each content session.

4. Take Notes using the CBVI Notetaking Framework.

5. Comment and Ask Questions in the discussion board for each content session.

6. Discuss with your state team as well as other practitioners and experts.

7. View schedule for State-to-State Sharing sessions on NTACT website.


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The CBVI Kickoff provides an overview of the structure and timing for the CBVI. OSERS’ perspective on the value of the work addressed through the Capacity Building Institute (CBI) for secondary transition and the importance of engaging in this continuous improvement process is provided.

Presenters: Catherine Fowler, NTACT, UNC-Charlotte; Mark Schultz, RSA Commissioner Delegated the Authority to Perform the Functions and Duties of the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.

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Improving Employment Outcomes: Coordinating Services and Engaging Partners

In this NTACT CBVI content session, state interdisciplinary teams will examine their coordination across partners of career development and employment experiences focused on improving student employment outcomes through: 1) expectation of employment for each and every student; 2) comprehensive continuum of career readiness and work based learning experiences; 3) alignment and coordination of services; and, 4) engagement of all partners including business and families.

Watch the State2State Sharing: Identifying & Addressing Gaps

Watch the State2State Sharing: Engaging Family & Business

Presenters: Ruth Allison, NTACT at TransCen, Inc, Jacque Hyatt, NTACT at TransCen, Inc., Brenda Simmons, WINTAC and George Washington University

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Transition Supports and Services for Students with Complex Support Needs

This NTACT CBVI content session provides state interdisciplinary teams information to increase effective resources, practices, and activities that support successful postsecondary outcomes for students with complex support needs.

Watch the State2State Sharing: Assessment

Watch the State2State Sharing: Cross-Agency Collaboration

Presenters: Linda O’Neal, San Diego State University;  Michael Stoehr, NTACT at University of North Carolina at Charlotte;  Charlie Walters, University of South Carolina

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Coordinating Services across CTE, VR, and Special Education

This NTACT CBVI content session helps state interdisciplinary teams examinine their levels of coordination and collaboration across department and agency partners to: 1) implement high quality transition programs and services; 2) deliver Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS); and, 3) ensure students with disabilities have access to and can persist in career and technical education (CTE) programs and curricula.

Watch the State2State Sharing: CTE Coordinating Services

Watch the State2State Sharing: CTE Implementing EBPs

Presenters:  Ruth Allison, NTACT at TransCen, Inc.,  Charlotte Alverson, NTACT at University of Oregon,  Melissa Diehl, WINTAC at George Washington University,  Caroline MaGee, NTACT at University of Oregon

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Postsecondary Education

In this NTACT CBVI content session, state teams will: 1) consider the continuum of postsecondary education and training opportunities available in their state; 2) examine their state efforts to improve postsecondary education options for ALL students with disabilities; and, 3) identify specific supports and strategies to promote through professional development, collaborative efforts, and statewide systems.

Watch the State2State Sharing: Developing and Improving Community-based Transition Programs

Watch the State2State Sharing: Preparing for Postsecondary Success

Presenter:  Dana Lattin, Transition Coalition & NTACT, University of Kansas

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