A roster is a group of registered users on the Transition Coalition website who can come together around training modules offered on this website.

PD Hub instructors can use this tool to view student progress on training modules. Students do not have access to PD Hub features.

To create a roster, enter the following information. After the roster is created you can invite participants/students to join the roster.

Enter a name for your roster/group. (*required)

Enter a short description for this roster.(*required)

Enter a the name of your school or institution (if applicable).

Enter the semester for this roster.(*required)


QuestionDO YOU TEACH COURSES ONLINE? Share the link in the text area below with your online class when you assign work from this website.

Follow the progress of participants/students as they complete work on the TC website.
Complete these easy steps!

copyInvite Step 1. Click in the box below to select text . Copy it.
When the recipients receive the email from you and follow the instructions,they will be added to your roster.

pasteInvite Step 2. Paste the text into an email message to invite members. If you would like you can add your own text to the email as well as the pasted text.

editeInvite Step 3. Address email message to members you would like to invite to your roster.

sendInvite Step 4. Send the email invitation.

As participants/students join your roster and begin working on modules, you can track their progress by going to My Rosters