Go 4 It Now!

GO 4 IT…NOW! is a mnemonic writing strategy that encourages students to increase the content and quality of their writing. This DIY will show you all about it, and give guidance on how to teach it to students.

Transition Resources at Your Fingertips

Get multiple resources for transition planning in an easy-to-use format.

Video Modeling

Dr. Ryan Kellems (BYU), Dr. Leslie Bross (UNC-Charlotte), and Dr. Rachel Seaman-Tullis (University of West Georgia) demonstrate different types of video modeling and offer step-by-step instructions.

Response Prompting

Dawn Rowe (ETSU) and Valerie Mazzotti (UNCC) guide you in providing effective, high-quality response prompting in employment settings.

Video Modeling – DEMO

This is a demo page for testing purposes.

Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI)

Support students to set and work toward their goals with this instructional strategy. Dr. Kathryn Burke and Dr. Sheida Raley show you how to use the SDLMI.