Short Courses

The Short Course is an online, instructor-led learning opportunity designed for local practitioners with content addressing evidence-based and research-informed practices and predictors.


What will I gain from a Short Course?

Secondary transition experts will provide secondary transition-related information, resources, strategies, and ideas to participants. Local practitioners wanting to improve transition policies, procedures and evidence-based practices with implementation support should consider taking a Short Course.

Time-limited follow up support will be provided.

What to expect:

Participants have 8 weeks to complete the Short Course, which is 4 units with both individual and collaborative learning. Participants are given 2 weeks to complete each unit. Short Course activities include:

  • Video presentations
  • Learning module
  • Online learning activities
  • Discussions
  • Reflection and action planning

Resources, strategies, and ideas for implementation will be shared throughout the Short Course.

Watch the informational video below for more details on Short Course:

Quotes from Participants:

My team and I are going to be able to write more useful IEPs.  

If we can get this course used by school partners AND VR staff on a regular basis, I think it will greatly improve transition assessment just due to the knowledge each will gain.

We will use this as a catalyst for future training/ta in Pennsylvania.