Online Modules

The TC online modules are developed using up-to-date research, effective practices in professional development, and materials and resources for implementation. They are for anyone involved in transition planning.



Get an overview of the transition requirements of IDEA and best practices in planning. Participants will practice using the major components required in transition IEPs and access materials and information to use for planning.

Complete this module to identify various types and approaches to transition assessment and understand the steps of the assessment process. Critical elements of the assessment process and information about the use of various formal and informal assessments are provided.

Explore some of the unique strengths and challenges encountered when working with families and use a framework for supporting collaboration, and increasing mutual understanding in parent-professional partnerships.

Receive an overview of career development as a critical aspect of vocational training and employment experiences for students with disabilities. Information and resources are provided for teachers to use with students in employment and school settings.

Learn the transition supports needed for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Participants will be able to identify the critical features of successful transition programs for adolescents with ED/BD, describe the transition specialist’s role in the process, and apply models of job and support.

Move beyond awareness and understanding of stereotypic cultural differences when working with families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds during transition. Utilize information and activities on how culture influences people and systems, and how the differences in values and perceptions of disability can affect families’ access to services.

Gain general knowledge of self-determination and a framework for providing self-determination instruction to students. Information about numerous curricula and instructional resources and links to them are provided.

Learn about the significance of completing high school, reasons why students with disabilities drop out, strategies, and community-wide approaches that promote school completion. This module is full of useful resources, tips, and tools that you can use right now!

Real work experience is the strongest indicator of post school employment! Learn the why, what, when and how of a quality work-based learning (WBL) program. Watch videos of employers. Get strategies. Download tools to help your young adults have real career-focused work experiences.

Interagency collaboration improves outcomes for students with disabilities! This module provides you with information, examples, strategies and tools to increase interagency collaboration and to build or strengthen your interagency team.