Model of Self-Determination
Environment Know Yourself & Your Environment Value Yourself Plan Act Experience Outcomes & Learn


This factor acknowledges that all of the elements within the Model of Self-Determination may occur within different environments (e.g. school, home, work, community, etc.). How students may express their self-determination skills within different environments is a critical part of the learning process.

Know Yourself & Your Environment

This element provides the foundation for a person to behave in a self-determined manner. It emphasizes knowing one's strengths, weaknesses, disability, and preferences. It also requires a student to know what others' expectations are for him/her in different environments.

Value Yourself

This element of the Model focuses on students having self-worth and learning to admire their unique qualities. It is also the point in which students learn their rights and responsibilities as well as the rights and responsibilities of others.


Setting goals, planning steps to meet the goal, and practicing skills to help achieve the goal are all included in this element.


Learning and using communication skills, learning to take risks, being creative and negotiating are all important factors of Act.

Experience Outcomes & Learn

This element focuses on celebrating successes and reflecting on the skills used or knowledge gained to improve upon the self-determination process. Often forgotten, celebrating and reflecting enhances the level of overall self-determination, not just accomplishing one specific skill.